TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Apr. 1, 2013

Not following the Rules Motion

April 1, 2013
Original motion:  Allen Mills motioned  that TSDA end its formal relationship with the West Texas Sheep Dog Association on the grounds that it was never legally formed as separate legal entity as contemplated and has not been operated accordance with its agreement with the TSDA.   I also move that all existing WTSDA members shall retain their discounted TSDA memberships  through the end of 2013,   Motion passed.\
John Lewis, yes         Allen Mills, yes       Chuck Riley, yes
Gary Young, yes        Cindy Roper, yes     E.B. Raley, Abstain

Francis Raley, 4/1/13

March 29, 2013
Roger Schroeder motion to table this motion until we have notified each member of WTSDA of these intensions and received their response.   There may be a better way to correct this problem and keep their members in the TSDA without any legal problems, seconded by E.B. Raley.  Motion failed.
Allen Mills, No       Chuck Riley, No       Cindy Rogers, No
John Lewis,          No Gary Young, No  E.B. Raley, yes
Roger Schroeder, Yes 
Francis Raley, 4/1/13

Francis Raley - Apr. 1, 2013