TSDA/TCDA Board of Directors Meeting from Nov. 17, 2012

Stephenville, TX

Board of Directors meeting, Nov. 17, 2012
November 17, 2012

Members Present:  Catherine Laria, John Lewis, Emil Ludecke, Allen Mills, E.B. Raley, Chuck Riley, Cindy Roper, and Gary Young.

Meeting was called to order at 8:40 pm.  Minutes were reviewed by directors.

Directors discussed actions to be taken on funds raised through the Silent Auction money (currently estimated at $2,013).
Motion by John Lewis to place the silent auction money, less funds to compensate B Lambert for his expenses with the handler photos, into a Savings account.       Motion died.
After further discussion, item was tabled.

Catherine Laria commented she would like to see some type of goodie bag or compensation for each handler at next year’s TSDA finals. One suggestion she had would be to provide the Banquet dinner free of charge to each handler, as a way of thanking each for his/her contributions throughout the year.  Fund raising to fund these suggestions was briefly discussed.  However, this topic was tabled.

Directors discussed action on $2,500 donation by Stephenville Chamber of Commerce.
Motion by Allen Mills to place the $2,500 donation into the Handler Premiums for the TSDA finals.
2nd by Cindy Roper.  Motion failed.
C Laria – No  C Riley - No                
J Lewis – No  C Roper - Yes
A Mills – Yes  G Young - No
EB Raley - No

Motion by Gary Young to place $2,000 of the $2,500 donation into Handler’s premiums for the TSDA finals, and the remaining $500. into the TSDA account.  2nd by Chuck Riley.
Motion passed.
C Laria – Yes  C Riley - Yes                
J Lewis – Yes  C Roper - No
A Mills – No  G Young - Yes
EB Raley – No

Allen Mills nominated Emil Ludecke for President.  2nd by Gary Young. Unanimous vote.
Allen Mills nominated John Lewis for VP.  2nd by Gary Young. Unanimous vote.
Allen Mills nominated Frances Raley for Secretary/Treasurer.   2nd by John Lewis. Unanimous vote.

EB Raley moved to adjourn the meeting. 2nd by Cindy Roper.  Meeting adjourned.

Francis Raley - Nov. 17, 2012